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    Im from cali lets vide chat and see what resources we both have

    fuck all that messages and scam.er If you feel llike a .
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    Partners Needed! EU, AU, NZ, CA

    Im.in Cali
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    Im in cali san jose i got shit on lock
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    Loading accounts

    Lets work
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    Cvv dumps with pin 30$$$

    I want to buy
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    Are you having trouble with 2FA? Ill show you how to get around it plus a few more things

    Like the thread and i will post more stuff i have learned have have got money from Ive almost touch 100k in the last 5 months all bullshit aside.... If you cant get past 2FA 1.practice sim swapping Go to target buy a sim card for a new phone wete u buy those cards to pay for a month...
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    How do i get in touch
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    Fullz 720+ credit score w/ nerdwallet login perfect 4 sba

    How do i get in touch i will cash yoh out
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    Free methods

    You in cali imake moves im in san jose lets talk