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    are you still doing lessons? you have telegram
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    what's your telegram?
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    Active Carding TeleGram GroupChat

    i'm interested, can i join?
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    ATM cashout errors

    My first run w/ dump+pin not so good. Followed the right directions using X2A, jcop, and BPtools. Got to the (Chase) atm, everything was going smooth with my cloned card up until it was dispensing the money. instead you of giving me my cash, the machine stopped working entirely, some kind of...
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    Get your new car, cpns and tradelines

    On a fresh cpn if I buy three primaries and add them. How long does it take for my score to top 700 and then to subsequently apply for a high limit approved CC? And get it, of course
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    Looking for sofware magnetic stripe reader writer

    I believe Exeba is used for this. You can find it on torrent sites for the free.
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    Smart Cards Chip etc.

    To be clear, only thing you can do is cause the chip reader to malfunction to force the swipe option? Theres no way to write emv info
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    Smart Cards Chip etc.

    Just started carding and I'm wondering how you get around buying dumps that belong to a credit/debit which requires a chip for the transaction. Can you still write that information on a classic blank card to swipe or will it not work when you use it in store?
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    Carding Tutorial | 2020 | 100% Working

    much appreciated