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Hello to you all message to ADMIN and MEMBERS


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Jul 10, 2020
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Hey admin! This message was bought to you buy

The is a ripper in this place all members are not aware

His id on forum and telegram
[email protected]
Telegram:mad:Adeaze /fasst Cawd\...........!

He also told me he just ripper some one in this place

Telegram Name :mad:Blueskies1337 (Blueskies1337)

We where partner then he steal all what i have.

We make a deal about cashapp.

We serach for verified cashapp then we get it .

After i just pm to my loader he load 1,450,750.84 cashapp for us.

Then i told him i will withdraw BTC with the cashapp he told me know know know ......!

We all agree with him .

Later in the day we send him all the cashapp money to withdraw BTC . After he withdraw the BTC he run away with all them money we did not hear any news about it ...!

Then when he run we there money i just text him a message online the he told us he run with then money then he started to fucked up with us....!

After he run with the money he went and use then for bad things.

He rented a house he always allow girls in his house and he fuck them up then he send me video

What he did was
1.Tatoo on his all over his body.
2.He buy weed cocain and drugs and more ect.....!
3.He went and act and also join the pron.com link (xnxx.com)

After he spent all the money
He have heart problem
He had covid -19.
At the same time he have a sickness the doctor can treat him
After he large penis he had a low sperm and some sickness additionally

He told me what happen to him he was in the hospital then i was filling sad

Then all the money i was having i when and pay an hospital bill i spent 84k paypal and 14kBTC 5kcashapp on him ........!

Then after all my cc dumps send to cashier after they work and send me money then use to pay his hospital bill

He must get ban here User:( [email protected])
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Oct 11, 2020
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Proof please?

If this guy did all of this you must have SOME SORT of recipt or text history or video saved

You sound like a shot out junkie
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