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Oct 10, 2020
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NY Unemployment Method

1. Get a freshly spammed fullz/Pros of a person who is not employed, and Attach Address where you want to CATCH THE CARD
If You are doing DIRECT DEPOSIT (Routing and Acct # ) you can use RANDOM ADDRESS

  1. Create Email and Keep webpage open
  2. Create Google voice or text free (OPTIONAL) you can use no phone option but catching text is better to stay organized
Once you have Email,open Name SS DOB ADDRESS written down your ready to start

Click the link below and CREATE NY GOV acct

Once you have Username return to sign in
Sign in and go down to unemployment services

Put in SS
Create Pin and put last name of pro for Mother’s mAiden
(Don’t lose pin )

Press File a claim

Next page continue

This week how many days you worked 0

Gross Income - No

Last Day- 03/15/2020

Filing because Covid -yes
Worked in NY 18mnths- Yes
Live in NY - Yes
Military - No
Federal Civilian- No

How many Employers - None

1- YES
2- NO
3- NO
4- NO
5- NO
8b - NO
9- NO
10- NO
11- NO
12- NO

Most Recent Employer - If Job Pops Up Click on Top Option then continue if no jobs pop up just press Continue

Last Employer - Put First And Last Name of the Pro

Use google voice or any random number

Day started 06/14/2019

Reason not working Lack of Work

Definite return ( Leave empty no answer)

Job Title Owner/Manager
Occupation Group Manager
Job Site Office

Job description pick first option press continue

Put in Mailing address Nd google voice number

Highest grade 12

Are you vet No
Are you citizen - yes

Withhold tax -No
Voting no
Save a tree No

Ethnicity- do not wish to answer
Race - do not wish to answer
Disability- No

Continue- if you have a acct Nd Rt number attach it now thru Direct deposit option

If you are catching card just press Debit card and Continue

Remeber if using Cashapp Nd Chime Greendot Gobank the first and last name of application has to match the drop !!!
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